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I Wish I Would've...

I'll never forget the day I walked into a bride's suite on the day of her wedding and she looked at me with tear-filled eyes and said " I wish this wedding was mine". There is nothing worse than walking into your wedding day with "RAGRETS", although wedding planning can get pretty stressful it's very important to hold your ground, no matter how hard it is. These are the top 5 regrets that brides have had on their wedding day.

#1 Inviting guests cause mom and dad wanted...

This one gets a little tough, not many of us are blessed financially enough to not get help from mom and dad. This is where it gets sticky, most of the time when mom and dad financially help they bring their opinions along. Whether it's dad's business partners or mom's 20 best best friends if you don't feel comfortable with having them at the wedding stand up for yourself! Talk to your partner and get on the same page so you guys can stand up for what you want as a united front. There is nothing worse than doing your rounds during dinner time saying hi to each table and 10 of the 15 tables are people you don't know or remember. Then you start hearing the " oh my god you don't remember me but I saw you in your mom's belly!" where you now respond with a soft chuckle and an awkward smile.... really? Avoid the awkward interactions and make sure you are comfortable with your guest list.

#2 Not sticking up for what I liked/ wanted⁠

⁠ Throughout the course of your wedding planning, you will have a lot of decisions that need to be made, from what flowers, photographer, plates, chairs to pick, etc. You would be surprised how many unwanted/unsolicited opinions get thrown at you. The Pressure can get a little overwhelming of fighting for what you want, but it's worth it. Just remember who is walking down the aisle and saying I do.

#3 Letting my in-laws guilt me into changing things

It'll happen, trust me. In-laws just want to feel they are included, so they bring their opinions along with them. Don't get me wrong sometimes the advice or suggestions are good, but sometimes they cross the line of suggestion and into the land of a demand. To avoid this come up with something you assign them (if they want to be involved) so they can feel they're included. ⁠

#4 Not taking time after the ceremony to be alone together⁠

I know things get crazy, there are pictures and cocktails to be had. Trust me when I say I have never had a couple who regretted taking 5-10 minutes to themselves after their ceremony to chill and be IN the moment. Whether you did a first look or not tell your photographer to hit the pause button and enjoy yourselves for a couple of minutes. This will help remind you what this day is about, you two.

#5 Making bridesmaid hair and makeup optional

I know what your thinking, " I can't force them" yes, yes you can. It's YOUR wedding, think of ⁠all the money and time you have invested. Your next question " Is it really even that important?" once again, yes, yes it is. No matter how good your bridesmaid may be at doing her own makeup it never looks the same as when a professional does it. Plus, you want all your girls to look uniform same hairstyles ( or close to it), and the same type of makeup. " Can't they just pay for it themselves?" this part is tricky because if you have girls that are willing to do it then great, BUT everyone's gotta be on the same page, it's also tough when someone is in a financial bind to spend $100+ on hair and makeup. You, of course, know your situation but if you can it's best to just pay for your girls to get hair and makeup done so no one has to stress about it.

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