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Finding Your Inner Roar

Just because you have a voice or in this case, a roar DOES NOT mean you are a bridezilla. Do not lose a say in your wedding because you are afraid of becoming this mythical beast spoken of in wedding folklore. At the end of the day and aisle, you are the bride that is getting married, the one that opens the new chapter of your life. Although you will have family and friends sharing and spectating this beautiful moment, those oh so very crucial words are only said between a husband and wife. I have had brides tell me on their wedding day, " I wish this was my wedding and not my mom's.." or " I wish I would've done things differently..", there is nothing more heartbreaking than having regrets on your wedding day. So, when you look back on your wedding it should be as personal and dear to your heart as the vows you wrote for each other. Do not be afraid to stand up for what you want or love because you are afraid to offend anyone, as long as you and your fiancé are there the show (wedding) will go on!

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