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What is a wedding planners job?

This is a question I get very often, most of my clients love the idea of having a wedding planner but when they go shopping have no idea what to look for or what to even expect. Although all planners are different and go above and beyond in their own ways there are several things that are constant.I find that knowing what to expect of your wedding planner will give you a better appreciation and relationship with and for them. Also keep in mind when you are wedding planner shopping you should always be able to be upfront with them as far as your expectations, likes, dislikes. If you feel uncomfortable speaking to your wedding planner about what you expect of them, they may not be the right fit. Hiring a wedding planner is like finding a best friend in a couple of weeks that will know you inside and out in order to vouch for you for a year of planning.

So what does a wedding planner do? Most wedding planners when they get hired will ask what you would like them to do for you. Within this list you may find things that you don’t need or feel you can do yourself, it’s important to also bring that up in your meeting with your wedding planner so they can price their work accordingly. To once again, help set your “expectations“.

Wedding planners will help you find all the vendors for your wedding, if you let them a wedding planner will also take care of all communications and setting meetings for all of those vendors as well as negotiate prices of all of your invoices.

They will also set timelines not just for your wedding day but for your vendors to install to ensure everything goes according to plan.They schedule how much time is needed for each activity to make sure you stay on time and make the most of your day.

Your planner will also request insurance from your vendors for the day of your wedding as well as make sure they have all the appropriate licenses to operate at your venue.

Your wedding planner will also help you design each and every aspect of your wedding attending design, floral and catering meetings they will be your right hand.

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