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Custom Hashtag

Are custom hashtags slowly getting nudged out ?

When custom hashtags were "trending" everyone had to have one. It was a clever way of meshing your last names and having your guests put all their pictures in one place. One great thing about having a hashtag is that all the pictures leading up to and on your big day are all in one location. Almost like a big community digital album. Everyone can participate and often times it encourages guests to take more pictures. That way while you wait for your professional pictures you have something to scroll through on your honeymoon.

Unfortunately one of the biggest downfalls was informing the guests. Often times brides and grooms would spend extra money creating signs to tell their guests but often times these signs get overlooked or not enough people would type it in correctly. Now you have 5 different versions of your hashtag, or worse a guest invents their own hashtag and everyone tags their pictures there. Sadly as the trend has started to dissipate most guests aren't even asking what the hashtag is anymore they just post and tag the bride and groom. What do you think is better, tagging the bride and groom or the hashtag?

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