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Top 5 Questions To Ask Your Florist

The worst thing is getting home from a meeting saying "I should've asked ..." If you don't have a wedding planner and are winging it here are some questions to ask at your next meeting.

#1 When is the final payment due? Keep this date saved on your calendar and adjust all your vendor payments accordingly. There is nothing more stressful than 5 payments landing in the same week, especially since these are your final payments and they are typically due very close to your wedding date.

In reality questions 1,2 & 5 should be done when you are first signing your floral contract, this way if you don't agree with something you can adjust it. But if you already signed the contract no worries its at least good to know the answers to the questions even if they can't be changed.

#2 When do you need to know the final guest count? Another date to keep highlighted on your calendar. Yes, you have an RSVP date but trust me you will have stragglers and so this will help you to know by when your final counts are due. Remember final counts are needed for your floorplan, place cards, and the catering ( a lot depends on your RSVPs)

#3 After looking at my inspo do you think there are better flower options to lower the budget but keep the same look? Maybe your floral invoice came in within your budget and you get to keep all your flowers exactly like your inspo. Unfortunately, sometimes flowers are either in high demand or there is a shortage and the prices get driven up. One way to help your invoice without sacrificing quantity is switching flowers for their doppelgangers.

#4 Is there an extra charge if your crew has to strike (pick up) after midnight? We tend to overlook this one because it's not something that typically comes to mind. Although it's very normal for weddings to go past 12 some vendors charge extra to pick up their stuff past 12 the same night. Keep in mind these vendors have to pay their workers for the "red-eye" shift. If you want to dodge the extra charge talk to your venue and see what their leniency is in allowing vendors to pick up the following day in the morning.

#5 What is your cancellation/postponement policy? Especially taking into consideration the times we are in this is very important. You want to know if you'll have a credit or how this scenario will work, although we hope you never have to find out.

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