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Top 5 Questions to Ask When Visiting a Venue

Venue/ Site visits are always an exciting time, but sometimes the important questions get lost in the sauce.⁠So what are you supposed to ask? The last thing you want is to leave a venue and come up with a list of things you should've asked. ⁠

Here are our Top 5 questions that we recommend you ask at your next site visit and why.⁠

1 ) What is the guest capacity (seated and standing)?⁠

This should be the first question you ask because if you're inviting 150 guests you want to make sure the room comfortably seats this many guests especially after you add a dancefloor, bar, etc. Why do we ask about standing? Obviously, your guests won't be eating standing but if this venue/space is one you have your heart set on you may be able to do a cocktail hour or even cocktail-themed rehearsal dinner just add a bar, some cocktail tables & couches and you've created an awesome hangout spot for your guests

2) Are tables, chairs, cocktail tables, and bars included?⁠

A Biggie, in my opinion, will dictate whether you have to spend extra money to rent tables and chairs for your event. This comes in handy when discussing venue price, if the venue is slightly more expensive than others you've visited but the tables and chairs are included it may be worth considering.

3) What is the rain plan? if you're planning your event outdoors do they have a space in case of rain?⁠

Although it's said to be good luck, I have never had a guest consider themselves lucky for getting a soggy filet mignon. Make sure to ask the venue representative what your options are should you have to adjust for the weather. If they don't have any indoor spaces you will have to rent a tent the week of your wedding ( which can get a little pricey as well as stressful)

4) Can you work with any vendor or do they have a preferred vendor list?⁠

It is not very common but some venues (especially historical ones) tend to have a list of preferred vendors which are the only ones allowed to work at the venue. If you don't have any vendors selected yet this may not be a big deal, but if you've already put down a deposit with some vendors this may be a deal-breaker.

5) Is there a noise ordinance? ( meaning does the music have to stop being played after a certain time?)⁠

If you know your crowd is going to party all.night.long. this is a very important question! The last thing you want is the venue pulling the plug on your music while you're in the middle of your jam.

It's ok to feel slightly overwhelmed by the process. If you still have questions after reading this post feel free to reach out to us by email or even give us a call for a free consult and we will be more than happy to prep you to pick your venue.

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