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Top 5 ideas for your bachelorette

Trying to think outside the box for your bachelorette? Here are our top 5 ideas for a bachelorette.

  1. Plan a 4-5 day island get away. You can either jam pack your days with activities on and off the shore or you can grab a drink and kick back!

2. Go sightseeing, find a city/country your bride to be has only wished she could be

and book the flight!

3. Become one with nature! Whether it’s glamping or good old fashioned camping this

is another fun get away that will give you lasting memories.

4. Staycation, maybe your budget isn’t the highest or your bride has no interest in

travel. Find the fun to-do’s in your city and give them a go!

5. Rent a home, is your bride to be more of a homebody? Then rent a fun Airbnb and

tell the girls to grab snacks, board games and drinks!

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