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Summer Wedding Ideas

Summer is coming in hot (no pun intended). If you’re looking for a way to have a summer wedding, that doesn’t feel like a hot summer wedding here’s some ideas.

Location location location. Whether you were looking for a beach wedding or a wedding out of Vineyard location is definitely going to be a major player. There is a way to have a summer wedding without necessarily sweating your way down the aisle. If the climate in your state or city Will be too hot this summer try considering going a little north to have a cooler wedding.

If you decided you’re going to keep it in your state/city but are still concerned about heat is there a couple things you can add to your wedding to cool off your guests.

Tents are a great option to give you guys some shade on a beautiful sunny day. Another cute idea to keep your guests cool especially during ceremony where shade is seldom available are mini fans. Whether electric or manual Sands these are a great little gift/favor to keep your guests calm cool and collected!

When all else fails invite mother nature to the wedding. If you’re looking to save some money on fans but still keep your guest cool consider doing your wedding by the water. Whether it is the beach or a big lake wherever there is a large body of water there is generally a nice breeze.

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