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Plugged In Or Unplugged?

Lately, there's been a lot of talk about whether you allow guests to have their phones to take pictures. This is honestly a personal thing but I'll throw the pros and cons at you so you can decide.

I have had brides that get a sign to put at the entrance of their ceremony saying they are having an unplugged ceremony. What does this mean? No pictures during the ceremony, it also reminds people to put their phone on silent (yes, people still forget). The pro is when your photographers and flitting around taking their pictures you won't see phones and arms in the air. On the flip side, you won't have any pictures or videos of your ceremony till the photographers send you the real deal. Even though most photographers will send you about 10 pictures the first week of your wedding you won't get the rest till 8-12 weeks post-wedding. On the other hand, some couples create their own hashtag and encourage their guests to snap, tag and post! You choose your style at the end of the daytherer is no right or wrong!

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