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No Stress with the Dress

(Photography by: Junior Gamez Photography)

Well ladies, the day is here, probably one of the most important dresses you will buy is your wedding dress.Some brides dive right in and go shopping within a week of their engagement. Others will put it off thinking the task to be to overwhelming. Whichever you choose is fine just give yourself at least 2 months before your wedding.

First of is, who will go with you? This is a pretty big deal and a lot of ladies in your life will love the honor of being chosen to go with you, some may even invite themselves. With that said, don't tell people that aren't invited that you are going shopping, tell them you went shopping. See the difference? How can you invite yourself to something that has already happened? You can't. It may seem mean but the truth is it's better to tell them you already went vs saying "yeah i'm going but your not invited". That also being said, there is no specific person that has to go, your mother or mother-in-law are not required to go. If you have a good relationship with them then by all means bring them, but if they tend to stress you out you can scratch them off the list. I know it sounds cruel, but what is more cruel is you standing in front of that mirror in a dress you really like but won't buy because the wrong crowd is stressing you out. Of course we want to take people that are going to challenge us and not just say yes to every dress. But whoever you invite should understand at the end of the day the one that needs to like and wear the dress is you.

Next, don't stay hung up on one style of dress. It's always good to have an idea of the kind of dress you are looking for but don't be opposed to try other styles. In all the years I have been planning weddings 4 out of 10 times will a bride walk out buying the exact dress style she thought she wanted. Sometime what we think we like,doesn't always look as nice on us in front of the mirror. Do not get discouraged or stressed there is a million and one different styles. So keep in mind to grab one or two additional styles on your way to that fitting room and if you don't like them you can at least laugh and have fun with it.

If you don't find your dress on the first day, don't get discouraged either, you have time and there a lots of stores to check out. Just look at this as another opportunity to pop another bottle of champagne and have another fun weekend with the girls.

Wedding dress shopping should be a fun experience where you spend time with friends and family finding your happily ever after outfit!You should be able to look back and smile at the day or days you went dress shopping.

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