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I said, We said, She said yes to the dress

It's the big day! Well, the second big day next to you actually walking down the aisle. Some of you have dreamt what seems like your whole life for the day you went dress shopping. Sipping bubbly, being bombarded with compliments by your mom, girlfriends, sisters, aunts...... Well, I'm going to interject on this little dream, it's not like the movies. It is absolutely a special day but you should also pick only those that are special to go with you, less is better here, trust me. Each person you take with you will have an opinion, whether it is shared with yours or completely opposite. This day can also be very exhausting, I have had brides that go to one bridal shop and on dress 3 or even dress 1 say yes to their dress, I have also had brides that go to 2 & 3 bridal shops and don't even find a maybe. Do not get discouraged, your perfect dress is there, you just have to stay positive and keep looking.

On that positive vibe, you should also bring people who will also keep your positivity going.

If you already went dress shopping with those special to you but felt the crowd was too overwhelming it's totally ok to pick a different group of people for the next time you go scour the shops for THE dress. I have had brides go on their first trip with their mother-in-law, best friends, mom, and sisters, and then on the next trip they realize they were less overwhelmed with just their mom and one BFF, this is OK! Just because they came on the first trip doesn't mean they have to go on the next.

So grab your bubbly, your biggest smile, and the people that will keep you positive and get to trying on those dresses!

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