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He Put a Ring On It And Then I....

First off congrats !!!! But what do you do next? It seems you've been waiting your whole life for this moment and now that it's here it's hard to tell where to go next. A wedding is very exciting and just as equally overwhelming. Everyone's wanted/unwanted opinion will be flying towards you before your first weekend as a fiance is over. Then your brain kicks in, the " When, where, how many people " questions start bombarding your head. So just stop and take a deep breath.

Step 1, no, you are not supposed to know what you are doing.

Step 2, remember you and only you ( maybe your fiancee) set the pace of your wedding planning, from picking the date to when you want to start planning. Once you have completed step one, picking the date then you can pick at your "meat and potatoes" if you will. The "where", based on your date you'll now be able to find where you will have your wedding, believe it or not, this affects everyone else you will hire, that and your wedding date. Keep in mind just because the date is far away doesn't guarantee availability!

Step 3, the "who", who will you invite? by no means is this your final you can add and subtract to this list as many times as you want before invitations go out. This list should be very stress-free but should get your brain working. Are you doing small and intimate? Large and Grand with all those business partners and their plus 2's and 3's or will you land in the middle?

There is a bit of controversy with doing this before you create your budget (step 4), I interchange steps 3 and 4 depending on your situation. Sometimes you don't have a set budget in mind and figuring out your venue and your round about number of guests to help zone you into a budget. Other times you know your budget 100% and you create your guest list around that.

Well there you have it ! 4 easy steps to ease you into the waters of wedding planning. If you have any questions we are happy to help. If you're not in the market for a planner but would like to ask a professional for some more advice not found in our blogs contact us and we can help guide you through this exciting time.

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