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First look or See you down the aisle?

In the past decade first looks have gained in popularity, but why ? Why not just meet your hubby/wifey to be down the aisle as tradition mandates? ⁠

First of all let’s define what a first look is. For those of you who don’t know a first look is when you see your significant other before the ceremony. There is a lot of advantages to doing a first look, some of them being the following.

A lot of people do it for a more private moment. You get to enjoy each other’s reactions and talk in a more private setting. This is also a time where your photographers and videographers can capture this very intimate moment in a closer space. You can not only have this often tear filled moment saved forever but it creates a wonderful opportunity for breathtaking pictures.

Another reason it has gained popularity is because it saves a lot of time and you are able to enjoy your cocktail hour with your guests instead of taking pictures for an hour after ceremony. Often times after a long day of getting ready and what feels like finally getting married, you just want to grab a drink and enjoy the moment with your family and friends. Without a first look often times this is the moment were you and your other half are whisked away to take your pictures together.

Lastly for those of you that are nervous it also helps take the edge off before the ceremony as you guys are finally together. I have had both brides and grooms alike be very nervous the whole entire day but the moment they see their partner, in a very cliché way, it all melts away.

Although there is still something very magical about slowly walking down the aisle and watching your partners expressions as they see you for the first time on your special day.Know that no matter where you are always keep in mind that this day is just for the two of you. You’ve invited family and friends to join alongside you and enjoy the moment. But never forget the ones that need to be happy with whatever decision you make is you and your other half.

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